Writing system implementation

Writing system implementation (WSI) is a term coined by SIL International to refer "to a set of software components that allow computer users to process textual data in that script and language; making it possible, for instance, to enter data using a keyboard and display it on the screen. Because writing systems are language-specific, there is no guarantee that an implementation of a certain script on a computer will work for all languages that use that script." (SIL)

Development of WSIs depends on availability of information, such as:

  • Design information and guidelines - both for alphabets and for specific letters/glyphs
  • Linguistic information - how the script is used for specific languages
  • Encoding details - particularly Unicode, including new Unicode proposals
  • Script behaviour - how letters change shape and position in context
  • Keyboarding conventions - including information on data entry tools
  • Testing tools and sample texts - so developers can test their software, fonts, keyboards. (ScriptSource)