Unicode Symbols for Wolof Special Characters /
Symbols Unicode pour les caractères spéciaux wolof

à 0224 00e0 à Latin 1 suppl À 0192 00c0 À Latin 1 suppl
ã 0227 00e3 ã Latin 1 suppl à 0195 00c3 à Latin 1 suppl
é 0233 00e9 é Latin 1 suppl É 0201 00c9 É Latin 1 suppl
ë 0235 00eb ë Latin 1 suppl Ë 0203 00cb Ë Latin 1 suppl
ó 0243 00f3 ó Latin 1 suppl Ó 0211 00d3 Ó Latin 1 suppl
ñ 0241 00f1 ñ Latin 1 suppl Ñ 0209 00d1 Ñ Latin 1 suppl
ŋ 0331 014b - Latin Extended A Ŋ 0330 014a - Latin Extended A

Unicode characters may be inserted into HTML documents with:

   "&#" plus DEC number plus ";" or
   "&#x" plus HEX code plus ";" (The x and HEX code letters are not case sensitive.)

Normally this is not necessary except in the case of the last characters on the list. This page uses the "entity" codes for the accented characters to assure their proper rendering in all browsers.

For example, ñ or ñ or ñ or ñ represent ñ. The ñ is the "entity" reference.

Most of the Wolof characters can also be represented by these character "entity" references, or entities for short. Entities provide a method of entering characters that cannot be expressed in the document's character encoding or that cannot easily be entered on a keyboard. Entities are case-sensitive and take the form "&" plus "name" plus ";". For instance, à can be inserted into a .html document with the entity à.

* The table and most of the text for this page is adapted from the "Unicode Symbols for Wolof Special Characters" presentation formerly online at http://www.bcconline.org/wolof/Language/Wolof%20Unicode.htm.

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