Welcome to the PanAfrican Localisation Resource Wiki

This page is the entry point to the PanAfrican Localisation (PAL) wiki, a resource site for localisers and localisation in Africa.

The wiki was a product of the PanAfrican Localisation project, which was financed by IDRC (2005-08), administered by Kabissa, and implemented by Bisharat. The wiki was then incorporated in the website of the African Network for Localisation (ANLoc) project, also funded by IDRC (2008-11), and run by Translate.org.za.

The ANLoc website went offline in late 2013, so this is an effort begun in September 2015 to recover and update the wiki part of it (on roughly the 10th anniversary of its inception), in order to fulfill its original and long-term goal of serving as an information resource on African languages in specific linguistic, national and regional contexts relating to their use in ICTs, including references to organizations and technical issues.

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Structure and organisation of the wiki

There are several sections or groups of related articles on this wiki which the PmWiki software calls "WikiGroups." Most of the content pages are in the PanAfrLoc group. "PanAfrLoc" was the original abbreviation for PanAfrican Localisation when the project started in 2005, and it was replaced in the logo and old project website URL with "PanAfriL10n."

Within the PanAfrLoc group, most pages are organized under 5 headings as the L10n profiles: Major Languages, Writing Systems, Countries, Organisations, and Localisation Tools. These are listed and linked at the top of the sidebar.

There are also some smaller WikiGroups of articles such as those that were generated by workshops in 2005 and 2007. The process pages are under "Main" and "Site" (look at the top left of the page next to the sidebar to see the group name - the page you are reading is in the "Main" group). Finally the PmWiki and PmWikiFR WikiGroups have wiki instructions in English and French. Comments pages for pages in all the above groups are in a single, common Comments group.

A search looks for pages across all groups, and the search results are displayed by WikiGroup.

There are 3 different ways of grouping pages on PmWiki:

  • "WikiGroups" are roughly analogous to high level "categories" in Wikipedia, but facilitate sectioning the wiki as part of content organisation.
  • Categories proper are more like Wikipedia categories but with some minor differences. This feature will be used more as the wiki develops.
  • "WikiTrails" might be considered as a special kind of subcategory. A WikiTrail links articles listed in a page so that you can go back to that central page or follow the chain of articles. For example, the page on Major Languages is organised this way, as is the list of Countries and so on.

For more on the original concept and plans for this wiki and how they evolved and ultimately turned out, see the page on Website.

The future of this wiki

In the near term, it is hoped that the information in this wiki - especially in the five main "L10n profile" categories - can be updated where necessary to make it again a relevant resource for the new generation of localisers and localisation projects in Africa (and elsewhere too, where they are working with African languages),

In the medium term, it is hoped that people with an interest in this resource can discuss what form it should take to meet needs over the longer term (structure, contents, software, hosting, management, etc.).