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Africa Source I and II were meetings for free/open source software developers in Africa. Both were organized by the Tactical Technology Collective in collaboration with other organisations.

Africa Source I - 15-19 March 2004

"Africa Source was the first pan-African Free and Open Source Software developers meeting, held 15th -19th March 2004 in Okahandja, Namibia.

"Over 60 participants from all across Africa met for discussion, peer learning and skillshare. The focus of the event was on the practical challenges of realising F/OSS in the African context, the aim was to build cooperation between Africa's most active F/OSS individuals and projects in the longer term.

"The event offered a ground for developers, who are often working in isolation, to get to know their colleagues and discuss with them broader issues and challenges. At the same time, a number of practical skillshare sessions were offered with content ranging from localising Linux distributions to setting up wireless networks, and from hands-on work with content management systems to designing and managing large databases.

"The event was organised by Tactical Tech, AllAfrica and SchoolNet Namibia, with the support of the following organizations:

From the Tactical Tech site. For full information see

Africa Source II - 8-15 January 2006

Free and Open Source Software for Local Communities'. This workshop was held in Kalangala, Uganda.

"Africa Source II was an eight day hands-on workshop aimed at building the technical skills of those working with and within NGOs on the continent. It took place in one of the most beautiful parts of the Kalangala Island on Victoria Lake during the beginning of January 2006.

"Africa Source II focussed on how technology, in particular Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) can be integrated into the project work of NGO's. Over a hundred thirty NGO Support Professionals and NGO Staff working at the local level across the region were present at this meeting. Together with a handful of field leaders from Africa, Europe, North America and Asia, they explored how technology can best serve the non-profit sector in Africa both in terms of access and content."

Organisers: "The Association for Progressive Communication APC (regional network), Fantsuam Foundation? (Nigeria), SchoolNet Africa (regional network), (South Africa), WOUGNET? (Uganda), Creative Commons South Africa, Aspiration (US) and The Tactical Technology Collective (the Netherlands) have collaborated to organise the content of the workshop and to build strong relationships between the participants. ... Our local partners and hosts were the East African Center for Open Source (EACOSS), Linux Solutions? and WOUGNET."

Support for Africa Source II came from:

From the Tactical Tech site. For full information see . Short description also on the Aspiration site at (scroll down to 2006)

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