Free and Open-Source Software. This is sometimes also called FLOSS for Free/Libre Open-Source Software. En français on l'appele logiciels libres ou LL.

Types of FOSS

Production software

Web browsers

(Only major FOSS browsers, and any others localised in any African language, are listed here. For a more comprehensive list, see > Web Browsers > Compare Best Open Source Web Browsers).

E-mail clients

Operating systems

Special applications

Tools for localisation

Associations and organisations

  • AAUL (Association Africaine des Utilisateurs de Logiciels Libres)
  • EACOSS (East African Centre for Open Source Software)
  • FOSSFA (Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa)
  • FSF (Free Software Foundation)
  • OFSET (Organization for Free Software in Education and Teaching)
  • Translate House

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