ISO 8859

ISO/IEC 8859, is a standard for 8-bit character encodings for use by computers. The standard is divided into 15 numbered, separately published parts, for various script requirements. There never was a part published specifically for any African language requirements other than Arabic script for Arabic.

ISO 8859 parts of interest to Africa

Some parts of ISO 8859 are useful in Africa. However these are all being displaced by Unicode and its common implementation, UTF-8.

Latin-1 Western European

ISO 8859-1 covers most West European languages and is still a common encoding for web pages. For more info:

Latin-6 Latin/Arabic

ISO 8859-6 covers ASCII Latin and the Arabic characters necessary for the Arabic language. For more info:


ISO 8859-15 is a revision of part 1 that includes some characters used in French, Finnish, and Estonian not covered in other parts of the standard.

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