Keyboards & Input

1.  Production keyboards

Also called "physical keyboards" these are produced with key markings that correspond with the keyboard layout for a particular language or languages. In the case of major European languages, Arabic, and some others, there are production keyboards that match these layouts. These may be sold with computers or separately. The only example of a keyboard for Africa in active production (11/2007) is the Konyin keyboard, which is sold separately.

1.1  Keyboards sold separately (not as parts of systems)

1.2  Keyboards as part of computer systems

2.  Keyboard layout creators

Computer keyboard layouts are generally defined in the software for a language. In localising a software for a language, one can specify the keyboard layout. It is also possible to create a keyboard layout for many language needs that can be used with another software. This can be done using a keyboard layout creator such as one of the below:

3.  Character utilities & virtual keyboards

Several sites include ways of finding or generating characters that can be copied and used in another application. These may be useful in creating documents or webcontent.

4.  Keyboard layout standards

  • ISO/IEC 9995 "Information technology -- Keyboard layouts for text and office systems"

5.  Input method frameworks

6.  Other resources

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