PanAfrican Localisation project email lists

Various e-mail lists were used for communication during the PAL project (2005-8). The most important were the set of PAL-en, PAL-fr, and PAL-pt lists. Those and others are described below.

1.  Three PAL-* lists

The PanAfrican Localisation project established three (3) e-mail lists, one each in three working languages (that are also official languages in many African countries: PAL-en in English; PAL-fr en français; & PAL-pt em português. These served to facilitate communication among localisers and others about localisation information and efforts all over Africa.

The 3 lists were linked by automatic "machine translation" (MT), which permitted each participant to read and post in their preferred language, while allowing everyone else to read posts in whichever language they originated. Although far from perfect, this MT feature enabled communication across all three working languages.

1.1  Lists information and subscription

Each list had a homepage for subscription and access to the list archives (these do not exist anymore, but may be accessed on

  • PAL-en: (working language: English)
  • PAL-fr: (langue de travail: français)
  • PAL-pt: (língua de trabalho: português)

One could only post in the language of the list that to which one was subscribed. So, on PAL-en, post only in English (examples in African languages are naturally accepted on all). Members could, of course, subscribe to more than one list.

1.2  Translation by "Tradauto"

The MT was done with a system called "Tradauto" provided by FUNREDES:

1.3  PAL-archives and RSS feed

An RSS feed for all three lists was set up using a Yahoogroup named "PAL-archives": . PAL-archives is a back-up combined archive for all three lists - it was "subscribed" to them, so received all traffic. In those days, Yahoogroups enabled RSS feeds.

PAL-archives is still accessible as of 2015.

2.  Workshop lists

  • Lists for PAL workshops
    • "PanAfrLoc" was a list established for the first PanAfrican Localisation workshop in June 2005. It continued for a while before being replaced by the PAL-* lists.
    • "PAL2" was a list for the second PanAfrican Localisation workshop in November 2007. It was not open for general subscription.
    • The archives for these lists are no longer available.

The Marrakech workshop (February 2007) had a list run by Tactical Tech called "Blitz-L" (archives still available as of 2015).

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