Workshops and meetings on localisation, 2005-08

During the period of activity of the IDRC-funded PanAfrican Localisation project, there were a number of workshops and other events - some connected directly or indirectly with PAL, and others not.

1.  Localisation workshops

1.1  Workshops organised by the PanAfrican Localisation project

1.2  Other workshops funded by IDRC

1.3  Note about appearance on the wiki

Each of these three workshops is organised as a separate WikiGroup section, and these three are retained for historical reference. The color theme, and in the case of Marrakech the design, differ from the rest of the wiki.

2.  Other meetings on localisation in Africa

3.  Other meetings in which localisation was a topic

4.  Other events relating to localisation in Africa

5.  Events relating to open source in Africa at which localisation may have been a topic

Rencontres africaines du logiciel libre (RALL), 3e édition, Rabat (Maroc), du 22 au 29 novembre 2007 ;

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