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Name: Louise Berthilson
Nationality: Swedish
Born: Gävle, Sweden, 1978

Education: Msc in Electrical Engineering (Communications Systems) [KTH, Sweden 2002].

Working experience:

[2004- ] Consultant at IT+46,a Swedish IT consultancy company with focus on capacity building in developing countries.

[2004] Research assistant, KTH, Sweden

  • Supervisor of international master student project in Communications Systems Design Course.
  • Implementation of optical fiber network with basic networking services at the Dar es Salaam, Institute of Technology, Tanzania?

[2003] Research assistant, KTH, Sweden

  • Development of Content Management Systems, ICT4D?/WSIS?

Localization related implementations:

  • Berthilson L, KiPot - an open source (GNU?) discussion board for glossary development to support localizations efforts (PHP3, MySQL?), Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Oct 2004
  • Escudero A, Berthilson L, KiChapa - a multilingual search engine based on the localization work of OpenOffice?.org 1.1.2m47 (PHP3, MySQL?), Tanzania, Nov 2004
  • Escudero A, Berthilson L, “KamuziTZ”, a local (Dar es Salaam) mirror of the Kamusi Project? Internet Living Swahili Dictionary (ILSD), based at the Yale University Council on African Studies with search and data synchronization functionalities implemented, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Nov 2004