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Sonja Bosch is attached to the Department of African Languages of the University of South Africa (UNISA) in Pretoria. She teaches Zulu acquisition courses and undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses in morphology and syntax. She is project leader of a research group dealing with computational morphological analysis of South African languages belonging to the Bantu language family.

She is at present convenor of the ALASA Special Interest Group for Language and Speech Technology., and in 2006 she was co-organiser of a workshop Networking the development of language resources for African languages during the fifth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, in Genoa, Italy. From 2004-2005 she was team leader for Zulu in a Spelling Checker Project in collaboration with North West University (South Africa).

Please create your personal data base of people and organisations who might play a role in the building of the Pan African Localisation Program

Follow this structure: name organisation email how do they fit in (re clusters)

  • name...
    PanSALB (Pan South African Language Board)
    cluster: Policy
  • name...Sonja Bosch and Justus Roux
    ALASA (African Language Association of South Africa) Special Interest Group for Language and Speech Technology Development
    cluster: Policy (networking, interest group in each country)
  • name... Marietta Alberts
    AFRILEX (African Lexicography Association)
    cluster: Policy (networking association)
  • name... Dwayne Bailey
    cluster: tools for localisers (workflow)
  • name... Kim Wallmach, Sonja Bosch
    University of South Africa (Depts of Linguistics and African Languages);
    cluster: capacity building
  • name... Reinhard Schäler
    cluster: capacity building
  • name... Leonilde van Munster
    cluster: capacity building (contribution to content of courses)
  • name... Danie Prinsloo
    University of Pretoria (Dept African Languages)
    cluster: language resources (text)
  • name... Gerhard van Huyssteen
    CTexT (North West University)
    cluster: language resources (spelling checkers)
  • name... Dwayne Bailey
    cluster: language resources (text, spelling checkers)
  • name... Sonja Bosch
    Morphological analysis research group (UNISA)
    cluster: language resources (morphological analysers)
  • name... Sonja Bosch
    Wordnet research group (UNISA)
    cluster: language resources (African languages wordnets)
  • name... Marietta Alberts
    National Lexicography Units (South Africa, via PanSALB)
    cluster: language resources (dictionaries)
  • name...Maurice de Schryver
    TshwaneDJe / AfLaT
    cluster: language resources (dictionaries)
  • name... Dwayne Bailey
    cluster: applications
  • name...Justus Roux
    SUCLaST (Stellenbosch University Centre for Language and Speech Technology)
    cluster: text to speech systems, speech recognition)
  • name... Marelie Davel
    cluster: advanced applications (text to speech systems)
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