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  1.   1.  E-mail lists
    1.   1.1  Lists on localisation in Africa
    2.   1.2  Lists on localisation in general
  2.   2.  Project sites/forums
  3.   3.  Social media
  4.   4.  Other forums

Communication among localisers and specialists in aspects of technology and language is essential to sharing expertise, collaborating on projects, and building capacities and networks for future initiatives. Below is a selection of media used for communication on these subjects.

1.  E-mail lists

(need to build list)

1.1  Lists on localisation in Africa

  • List of lists: Table 7 in Section 7.7 of the Survey Document mentions several older lists and message boards (this list should be revised with newer forums in this space)

1.2  Lists on localisation in general

2.  Project sites/forums

3.  Social media

4.  Other forums