Internet hosts

According to ISC:
"A host is a domain name that has an IP address (A) record associated with it. This would be any computer system connected to the Internet (via full or part-time, direct or dialup connections). ie.,"

CIA gives this definition:
"An Internet host is a computer connected directly to the Internet; normally an Internet Service Provider's (ISP) computer is a host. Internet users may use either a hard-wired terminal, at an institution with a mainframe computer connected directly to the Internet, or may connect remotely by way of a modem via telephone line, cable, or satellite to the ISP's host computer. The number of hosts is one indicator of the extent of Internet connectivity."

Wikipedia has this:
"Computers participating in networks that use the Internet Protocol Suite? may also be called IP hosts. Specifically, computers participating in the Internet are called Internet hosts, sometimes Internet nodes."

In each of the Country Profiles on this wiki, there is a listing for Internet hosts under "Connectivity / Connectivité" (2.1.c). Often both the figures from CIA and ISC are included, unless they are the same or the ISC number is larger. The ISC survey lists only hosts from the particular country domain, but it is not clear what CIA's figures cover. The ISC survey is apparently more recent. In any event, if the number quoted by CIA is larger, it is assumed that is may reflect information not counted by ISC.

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