KiKaKui or KiKaKu

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A writing system first devised for the Mende language in the early 20th century by Mohammed Turay, and then developed further by Kisimi Kamara - both in southern Sierra Leone. It is written right to left.

According to Omnigator, it is "Used in southern and eastern Sierra Leone, originally primarily for translations of the Quran. The first 42 characters of the script work as an abugida?, but the remaining 150+ form a syllabary?. Tuchscherer reports that it is still in use by about 100 people."

Mende Kikakui script was added to the Unicode Standard in June 2014 with the release of version 7.0.


CodeEnglish NameNom françaisProperty Value AliasDate
Mend438Mende Kikakuimendé kikakuiMende​_Kikakui2014-11-15

Source: Codes for the representation of names of scripts / Codes pour la représentation des noms d’écritures,


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