Nobiin Agii

Nobiin agii is "a phonemic orthography ... based on Old Nubian script" which was developed by the Nubian Language Society for writing Nobiin.

"The main function of nobiin agii is to represent properly the Nobiin phonology and to preserve its phonological characteristics. This orthography includes twenty-four letters; seventeen are consonants, five are vowels, and two are semivowels. The vowels in Nobiin are either long or short. In nobiin agii method, a macron sign (-) is used on top of the vowel letter to indicate its vocalic length. It is noteworthy to mention that the use of the macron on top of consonants and vowels is found in Old Nubian Script but for a different purpose." Nobiin agii is "uncial?" (unicameral, with upper case forms).


Khalil, Nubantood, (2018?), "A brief description of the Nobiin language and history" (document prepared as part of the Georgetown University Nobiin Documentation Project)

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