Predictive text

Predictive text is a technology that facilitates input of text by predicting words based on keystrokes. "[A]ll predictive text systems have initial linguistic settings that offer predictions that are re-prioritized to adapt to each user." (Wikipedia, accessed 2015-10-22)

Early versions were designed for the cellphone keypad, as an input method more efficient than "multi-tapping" keys to get desired letters where each key represents more than one letter. Words are suggested based on keystrokes, and suggestions are modified with successive keystrokes. It is a feature used for SMS on mobile phones.

Predictive text systems include T9, iTap, and LetterWise/WordWise. In the mid-2000s, predictive text was developed for some African languages, notably of South Africa, by companies such as Nokia.

Predictive text also describes systems used on touchscreen smartphones? to facilitate typing.

See also: autocomplete?

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